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Make the Most of a Day of Viewing Homes With Kids

Make the Most of a Day With Kids

A day of showing houses can take a toll on even the most patient adults. Add kids to the mix, and you may find the day shifting from discussing granite countertops to explaining why it’s not a good idea to eat the snacks a homeowner left on their counter. Read on for some tips to keep the kids happy.  

Make it a scavenger hunt:  

Every home has something unique or special about it. Ask your clients’ kids to help you highlight these features by going on a scavenger hunt. To create the scavenger hunt, spend a few minutes picking out one feature or unique item for each house. Jot these items down on a notepad or type them into a word doc. Hand out the list at the first house.

Don’t forget to have some sort of prize ready for whoever completes the hunt.

Plan time to stop for a snack at a fun, local eatery.

www.YourTownHomeSeach.Com features a search for local restaurants. Speaking of stops, touring houses has the potential to make kids and even adults hungry. Use those grumbling bellies as an excuse to really highlight everything the neighborhood has to offer by planning a snack stop at a local eatery.

Don’t forget to check for food allergies before you plan out this stop.  

Note the proximity to local schools 

While you’re driving around the neighborhood, point out the local schools. If it’s not too far out of the way, add the school their kids would attend as a quick stop. Don't forget to print and provide the School Report to your buyers, so they can consider the Great School Rating and other factors when making their final decision.

Scope out a local playground  

Even with a scavenger hunt to keep them occupied, your clients’ kids might have a little bit of energy at the end of the day. Find a local playground, where they can play and you can spend some time discussing houses and next steps with their parents.

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